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Game Title Developer Year Type Title Ingame
3 Count Bout SNK 1993 Sport - Yes
Aero Fighters 2 [SW2] Video System 1994 V Shooter Yes
Aero Fighters 3 [SW3] Video System 1995 V Shooter Yes
Alpha Mission 2 SNK 1990 Shoot Yes
Andro Dunos Visco Corp 1992 Shoot Yes
Art of Fighting SNK 1992 Shoot Yes
Baseball Stars SNK 1990 Sport Yes
Baseball Stars 2 SNK 1992 Sport Yes
Blazing Star Yumekobo 1998 Shoot Yes
Blues Journey Alpha Denshi 1990 Platform Yes
Breakers Visco 1996 Fighting Yes
Burning Fight SNK 1991 Arcade Yes
Crossed Swords Alpha Denshi 1991 3D Yes
Cyber Lip SNK 1990 Platform Yes
Double Dragon Technos 1995 Fighting Yes
Eight Man SNK 1991 Arcade Yes
Fatal Fury SNK 1991 Fighting Yes
Fatal Fury 2 SNK 1992 Fighting Yes
Fatal Fury Special SNK 1993 Fighting Yes
Football Frenzy SNK 1992 Sport Yes
Gangwar????? --- 199? - Yes
Ghost Pilots SNK 1991 Shoot Yes
Goal Goal Goal! Visco Corp 1995 Sport Yes
Gururin FACE 1994 Puzzle Yes
Joy Joy Kid SNK 1990 Puzzle Yes
Karnov's Revenge Data East 1994 Fighting Yes
King of the Monsters SNK 1991 Fighting Yes
King of the Monsters 2 SNK 1992 Fighting Yes
Kizuna Fighter SNK 1996 Fighting Yes
Last Resort SNK 1992 Shoot Yes
Legend of Success Joe WAVE 1991 Sport Yes
League Bowling SNK 1990 Sport Yes
Magical Drop 2 Data East 1996 Puzzle Yes
Magical Drop 3 Data East 1997 Puzzle Yes
Magician Lord Alpha Denshi 1990 Platform Yes
Mahjong Kyo Retsuden SNK 1990 Puzzle Yes
Metal Slug Nazca Corp 1996 Platform Yes
Metal Slug 2 Nazca Corp 1998 Platform Yes
Money Puzzle Exchanger FACE 1997 Puzzle Yes
Mutation Nation SNK 1992 Action Yes
Nam 1975 SNK 1990 Shoot Yes
NEO Bomber Man Hudson Soft 1997 Arcade Yes
NEO Drift Out Visco Games 1996 Racing Yes
NEO Mr. Do Visco Games 1996 Arcade Yes
NEO Turf Masters Nazca Corp 1996 Sport Yes
Ninja Combat SNK 1990 Arcade Yes
Ninja Commando Alpha Denshi 1992 Arcade Yes
Over Top ADK 1996 Racing Yes
Panic Bomber Hudson 1994 Arcade Yes
Power Spikes 2 Video System 1992 Sport Yes
Pulstar Aicom 1995 Shoot Yes
Puzzle Bobble Taito 1994 Puzzle Yes
Puzzle De Pon Visco Corp 1995 Puzzle Yes
Puzzle De Pon R -- -- Puzzle Yes
Quest of Jongmaster Aicom 1994 Puzzle Yes
Riding Hero SNK 1990 Racing Yes
Robo Army SNK 1991 Action Yes
Savage Reign SNK 1995 Fighting Yes
Samurai Shodown SNK 1993 Fighting Yes
Samurai Shodown 2 SNK 1994 Fighting Yes
Samurai Shodown 4 SNK 1996 Fighting Yes
Sengoku SNK 1991 Arcade Yes
Sengoku 2 SNK 1993 Arcade Yes
Shock Troopers Saurus 1997 Action Yes
Soccer Brawl SNK 1992 Sport Yes
Spin Masters Data East 1993 Platform Yes
Stakes Winner Saurus 1995 Sport Yes
Stakes Winner 2 Saurus 1996 Sport Yes
Street Hoop Data East 1994 Sport Yes
Super Baseball 2020 SNK 1991 Sport Yes
Super Sidekicks SNK 1992 Sport Yes
Super Sidekicks 2 SNK 1994 Sport Yes
Super Sidekicks 3 SNK 1995 Sport Yes
Super Sidekicks 4 SNK 1996 Sport Yes
Super Spy SNK 1990 Action Yes
Tecmo World Soccer 96 Tecmo 1996 Sport Yes
The King of Fighters '94 SNK 1994 Fighting Yes
The King of Fighters '95 SNK 1995 Fighting Yes
The King of Fighters '97 SNK 1997 Fighting Yes
The King of Fighters '98 SNK 1998 Fighting Yes
The Last Blade SNK 1997 Fighting Yes
Top Hunter SNK 1994 Arcade Yes
Trash Rally Alpha Denshi 1991 Racing Yes
Top Players Golf SNK 1990 Sport Yes
Twinklestar Sprites SNK/ADK 1996 Puzzle Yes
View Point Sammy 1992 Shoot Yes
Voltage Fighter - Gowcaizer Technos Japan 1995 Fighting Yes
Waku Waku 7 Sunsoft 1996 Fighting Yes
Wind Jammers SNK 1994 Sport Yes
World Heroes Alpha Denshi 1992 Fighting Yes
World Heroes 2 Alpha Denshi 1993 Fighting Yes
World Heroes 2 JET Alpha Denshi 1994 Fighting Yes
World Heroes Perfect Alpha Denshi 1995 Fighting Yes
Zed Blade NMK 1994 Shoot Yes


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