September 1999 news from Emu Source

Date News
29/9-99 Snapshots 5 more snapshots from Starfox 2 Beta are added to SnesFX page. I have added Ingame snap from Dirt Track FX too. Click the link to the left.
26/9-99 Snapshots A Starfox 2 Beta ingames picture is added to the SnesFX page.
18/9-99 MAME MAME 0.36 Beta 5 is released. It now supports 1723 Roms and this is a special release since MAME now has been in development for 1000 days and supports 1000 unique roms.
17/9-99 ZSnes ZSnes 0.960 is released with lots of new stuff.
16/9-99 Nemu 0.6 I am making a Nemu 64 Compatibility list with pictures and some games that work and not are available on the other sites. It will be online as soon as i'm finished.
15/9-99 Nemu I just checked out Nemu and TRwin GL and both are showing great improvements. I tested Mario 64 on Nemu64 with my ATI RAGE Pro II card in 3D Hardware mode and it runs ultra smooth. I also tested Mario64 on TRWin GL and runs very fast with Open GL on my 3DFX Voodoo 1 4.MB in Fullscreen...almost as fast in Ultrahle and are fully playable with very very small graphics glitches.
14/9-99 Nemu 0.6 Is released!
13/9-99 Nemu A new version of the great Nemu will be released tomorrow.
13/9-99 START Page StartRAINE 25.1 is released.
12/9-99 MAME MAME 0.36b5 is close to be released. It supports a cool Japan Konami Puzzle game called Quarth. I have the Japan Quarth Cart on my REAL Gameboy, and the the game is very funny, so i hope the Arcade version is cool too..:)
12/9-99 Snes9x Snes9x 1.23 3DFX for Linux is released.
12/9-99 CD-I A new CD-I emulator is under development.
12/9-99 Raine Raine is updated to 0.25c and support 23 more games.
11/9-99 Business News Sad news for Amiga people out there including me. Gateway has discontinued the Amiga MCC and will some other system instead. Read the article at Business News.
11/9-99 Ultrahle Great News for 3DFX users. Ultrahle will still have Glide support in future versions together with OpenGL..
10/9-99 Snapshots SNES FX Snapshots is online for you who want to know which FX games that is released. (I know there are games missing)
10/9-99 START Page StartRAINE 24.4 and StartM72 33.8 is released. Download theese great frontends.
10/9-99 Emu Source News Archive You can click the left link to read older news.
10/9-99 START Page StartRAINE 24.4 and StartM72 33.8 is released. Download theese great frontends.
9/9-99 Ultrahle Next version of Ultrahle will use OpenGL and the version is 1.10.
8/9-99 Snapshots 2 more SNES FX Games has been dumped. Kirby 3 and Masoukishin - The Lord of Elemental. I will post pictures from them this Saturday together with all other FX games that exist.
8/9-99 IGN Pocket Read about the new 32-Bit Gameboy from Nintendo at IGN.
8/9-99 DVD Source I am working hard on the DVD Source page, so that's why there have been lack of updates the last days.
8/9-99 Romlist has dumped a game supported by Raine. It's an Easter Egg game, and it's called Gekiri-Dan from Taito.
8/9-99 UltraHLE HOT NEWS!!! RealityMan is continuing the development of the best N64 emu!!!
6/9-99 MAME 0.36b4 is released.
5/9-99 SNES FX I will made a page with snapshots from all SNES FX games that exist!
4/9-99 Snes9x 1.22a is released.
1/9-99 Zelda Gaiden I have added 3 more Zelda 64 2 pictures and a link to a Zelda Gaiden Movie!!!