August 1999 news from Emu Source

Date News
28/8-99 Snes9x will possibly release a new version later today.
28/8-99 Nosefart A new Winamp plugin and Player is released.
28/8-99 Emusphere is back!
27/8-99 I have added a Rumour and Archive buttons on the menus and removed some. Snapshots is renamed to Images. The Archive page contains old news on this page.
27/8-99 Fixed the page layout little bit as you can see..:)
26/8-99 As you can see longer up, i have added pages for the great START frontends by Dennis Piet.
25/8-99 NeoJuke 2.11 Download this NeoGeo Music player from Emulatronia.
24/8-99 I will add a Neo Geo Music page soon! :)
24/8-99 Snapshots I have added 3 images from the upcoming Zelda Gaiden.
24/8-99 NeoJuke 2.1 Download this NeoGeo Music player from Emulatronia.
23/8-99 Snapshots I have added 9 images from the upcoming Zelda Gaiden.
22/8-99 StartRAINE 0.24.3 is released. There are several new features and add-on's of this great GUI.
22/8-99 MAME MAME 36b3 Released and support 41 more games.
22/8-99 Sorry for the lack updates, but i had not time to update this page lately.
15/8-99 Download Here TR Win 1.04 released.
15/8-99 - TR Win 1.03 released.
14/8-99 Sorry for the lack of updates, but there is more news on the way.
13/8-99 - TR Win - The secret N64 emu released!!
11/8-99 StartRAINE 0.24.2a is released.
10/8-99 A new unreleased N64 will see the light Friday 13th.
9/8-99 Impact Check this out.
8/8-99 MAME MAME v0.36 Beta 2 Released!It now supports 1601 Games.
8/8-99 ZipMany 4.0 is released. Check also out his great Rom Trimmer.
8/8-99 Cabinet pictures updated at Arcade Art Museum. You can use them with Mame 32 or other MAME frontends.
8/8-99 VMWare 0.9 beta is released. I have used it for a long time and it works great. It let's you run Win95/98 in an window or fullscreen in Linux. When Windows crashes, you just Kill the task and start it up again without rebooting.:) It's now also available for windows NT/2000.
7/8-99 Snapshots(N64) Zelda Gaiden pictures added!
6/8-99 I have written a little guide to help 3DFX Voodoo 1 people to get their cards work with Snes9x.

Switch to "window mode" if you are in fullscreen mode. Then it's possible to choose "3DFX Bi-Linear" from the drop-down menu called "output image processing" When you press the APPLY button, then snes9x automatically switches to fullscreen again. Now just open the file requester and choose the rom you want to play.
NOTE: Snes9x doesen't save the settings i think, so you must do this every time you start snes9x.
If you press the TAB key, then it's switches to window mode and you have too choose 3DFX from the menu again.
I could not choose 3DFX in fullscreen mode...
6/8-99 RetroFX RetroFX page is updated.
6/8-99 UAE WinUAE 0.8.8 Release 7 is released.
5/8-99 1964 1964 is updated to v 0.20
5/8-99 Zelda Check out the first pictures from Zelda Gaiden. I will buy it as soon as possible...:) I have already bought all the other that's released from the big N.
5/8-99 ZSnes ZSnes 0.953 released.
5/8-99 AMIGA - WinUAE WinUAE 0.8.8 Release 6 is released.
4/8-99 Snapshots Page Added snapshots from Snes9x with 3DFX as promised..:) I have also added pictures from Starfox from ZSnes.
4/8-99 ZSnes ZSNES 0.952 is released.
3/8-99 NLKE NLKE (SNES Emu) is under development again and we will see a release when it's ready.
3/8-99 ZSnes ZSNES 0.951 is released.
3/8-99 Dennis Piet Has released new version of his great frontend StartRAINE 0.24.1
2/8-99 SNEMUL 0.90 Finally this great SNES emu with possible the best SNES emu memu is released after several months! It has support for DSP1, SFX (Buggy), Pentium Optimized etc...
2/8-99 Cloanto Has released Amiga Forever 3.0. The complete Amiga Solution for Linux and Windows and more. It's not as good as an REAL Amiga, but works quite well anyway.
2/8-99 Hyperion Software are gonna port and 3 PC games for the Current classic Amiga PPC. Check out their page for more info on Heretic 2, Shogo: Mobile Armour Division and Worms: Armageddon.
1/8-99 Arcade At Home Arcade@Home V0.36d released. Download it from A@H.
1/8-99 Raine Raine 0.24 is released and supports 15 new games.