July 1999 news from Emu Source

Date News
31/07-99 AMIGA NG News: Check out the picures of the new Super AMIGA that will be released later this year. The computer that has more features EVER!!! So i can only say AMIGA is back for the future. Some features: Support for up to GB RAM, Linux based OS, DVD Rom, Dolby Digital AC-3, Video in/out, TV Tuner, Remote Tablet, 7.USB ports, Network, Modem, etc... as standard,
31/07-99 ZopharRockNES 0.94a released
31/07-99 Dolphin News: IGN 64 The aweseome Factor 5 is the one's who are developing the sound Software and Hardware with 2 partners. Factor 5 was the first to make AMIGA games with 7.Channel sound and Dolby Surround and have worlds greatest game musician in their stable....Chris Huelsbeck. For they who don't know what games Factor 5 have made, check out some of the titles: Turrican 1, 2, 3, R-Type, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Thornado etc....
31/07-99 I will post some 3DFX snapshots from Snes9x 1.20 soon.
30/07-99 Thanks to Daves Classics and Morolinith for this info! - 3DFX Fix in Snes9x 1.20 - Morolinith has posted a message on the SNES 9x WebForum that should interest Voodoo3/Banshee card owners. If you were having problems with the 3DFX version SNES 9x with the aforementioned cards follow these steps, as quoted directly from the post:

step 1: Rename snes9x.smc or move it so snex9x doesnt play anything when it starts.

step 2: Start Snes9x, set at Full Screen mode and set graphics to 3dfx, now quit snes. (very important)Do not try to load any rom at this point!

step 3: Open the Registry Editor and goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Emulators\Snes9x\1.19a and change Fullscreen to 00

step 4: NEVER HIT TAB to get the menu back or you will get a Direct Draw error. Hit the Alt key instead to get the menu to change options and select roms. Dont know why this works and tab doesn't.

Note: If you mess with the Display options after doing this it will revert back to the non working way and you will have to edit the registry again. Judging by the reponses, it seems that should work great for just about any model of these cards. Thanks to Maxim for the news.
30/07-99 Raine Quiz H.Q. and Quiz Torimonochou added to Raine
29/07-99 Shark New Shark released.
29/07-99 Sorry for little updates Lately, but that vacation thingy you know :)
29/07-99 Emu Source Message Board Check out the new Emu Source Messageboard.
28/07-99 BleemNew Bleem Demo v1.4 is out.
21/07-99 WOA Check ot the official World of Amiga page since in an few days they will reveal what CPU the new AMIGA will use. NO, Intel will of course not be used in the new AMIGA NG since it is not another PC.
21/07-99 AMIGA Inc. Workbench 3.5 will be released in August and you can buy it from any good store all over the world.
21/07-99 IGN 64Dolphin will kick the shit of the competitors according to this article. It doesen't matter since i will buy it anyway when it's released. :) I already own Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Gameboy and NES.
19/07-99 NAZ Naz has dumped 2 new unemulated roms. Check out his page to see what it is.
19/07-99 RockNES support Eagle GFX Mode now, and you can get it at their page.
19/07-99 1964 1964 0.1.6 is released.
19/07-99 Shark 3.1 is released, and it now supports Demon's Revenge.
19/07-99 MAME Page MAME 0.36b1 is released!
19/07-99 ZSnes 0.941 is released and it works great with FX games now.
12/07-99 RAINE Check out the Raine page for new screenshots on several games.
12/07-99 Official MAME32 site MAME 32 35 Final is released!
11/07-99 ZSNES Polygons are now showing up i Starfox!!! I also hope that it's working with Stunt Race FX too.
07/07-99 Here are some snapshots from the "Street Fighter Zero" taken in the great Callus emu.
Title Screen
Ingame Snapshot
06/07-99 Daves ClassicsMAME 35b Fixed released
06/07-99 ROMLISTROMLIST is finally back, and i welcome them back and they celebrates it with a new unemulated rom dump too..
06/07-99 NAZ is back again. Check his homepage for a new unemulated rom dump...:)
06/07-99 ZSNES WOW! 2 great emu releases in 1 day. Finally the long awaited new ZSNES v0.900 is released!
05/07-99 Daves ClassicsMame 35 Full is released.
30/06-99 Daves ClassicsNemu 64 0.5a is released. There are now support for "fliproms".
29/06-99 Daves ClassicsNemu 64 0.5 is released. Working with commercial roms. No 3DFX Support.
29/06-99 This page is finally online, and will be updated every day!